Wednesday, March 26, 2014


You can tell these kids are all models----I mean, just look at their poses :)

And of course we had to do a serious face or "Vogue" face 

Lindsey, Kristen, Michelle, Jody, Terese and me!

Camden, Kyleigh, Weston, Aiden, Haylee, Addie, Riley, Nadia, Julianna, Ashton, Luke, William and Riley :)

This group of kids is amazing. 
They are all so sweet and well behaved. They have become such good friends and we love them like family.
We met through modeling and see each other at shoots and auditions. 
All of these kids are models and do a lot of work. 
I am so thankful that we are friends and have such a good relationship with each other. I can honestly say that we are always happy and excited for each other when someone gets a job. We are always supportive and have each others back.

We decided to do a photo shoot of all of the kids for a keepsake. Lindsey will be moving in a month, Jody will be here until June and the rest of us will leave at different times in the next year or 2. I am so glad that we took the time to make these memories and capture all of these cute kids together.

After we let the kids play and got the pictures out of the way, we went to lunch at Wolfgang puck.
I live right in the middle of the city, so walking to the restaurant is a little tricky with 13 kids :)
Tiny roads, lots of people, taxis, bikes motorcycles etc.
On our way down a tiny road (single file) we noticed people coming out of their shops and stopping to snap pictures of the kids. It was funny and I'm sure we looked crazy!

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