Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nixon's Sony commercial :)

This picture above was the only one I got at the actual shoot. I was running around trying to keep Nixon happy, help change his clothes, get his attention, keep his attention, make him laugh and smile and to stand on his mark. But the crew was very patient and kind. They were very wise to put up big white walls in front of them and only expose the camera (there in the middle of the pic). They did this to hide from Nixon so he wouldn't get worked up about all of the people on set. 

Nixon was cast as the main baby roll and Cooper was cast as the sub-main for this Sony Xperia commercial. Having twins really has it's perks!! 
 It took a little bit for Nixon to warm up to the "mom" model, but she was patient and so loving and playful with Nixon. At one point, they had Cooper switch in for Nix and he looked around at the huge film crew and just sobbed. It was so, so funny (even though I was sweating bullets hoping the twins would do a good job!). 
We had Grandma Bell with us because any shoot or audition with twins requires extra hands! Cooper and Grandma played while Nixon was filming. Several people have seen this commercial on tv and loved seeing Nixon! Fun experience and keepsake :)

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Rosemary said...

Glad the hard work paid off! Happy to have been able to help. Great Job!