Tuesday, September 3, 2013

aaaand they're off!

Ashton-1st grade Nishimachi International School

Weston Pre-k Mitsui Gardens International preschool

Back to school. I love it and I hate it because I miss my boys!
Ashton has been in school for a week and a half, but today was Weston's first day.
As I was packing their lunches and snacks, I mentioned to Weston that I would miss him today. 
But he very happily reassured me that "he would be home soon!"
Our summer was busy and full and centered around the boys.

It will be nice to have some "me" time.
We are fortunate to have a wonderful nanny that the twins adore. She loves them like they were her own and we love that she spends so much time with them:)
She will make it possible for me to be the room mom in Weston's class this year!! and to spend time at each of the boys' schools.

So bring on this school year and whatever adventures it brings!

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