Sunday, August 4, 2013

Oh what a day!

 Ashton's new tooth

 Little did we know that last Thursday would turn into such a crazy day. Ashton has had some wiggly upper front teeth for a couple of months ago. Unfortunately in June, one of them got hit pretty hard while he was in a jumpy house at a birthday party. We have been very careful of it because of all of his modeling jobs. He has been oh so careful with that tooth (even though is has been bumped a few times) and finally on Thursday I gave him the green light to wiggle it the rest of the way out.
At one of Ashton's Panasonic jobs, the casting agent gave me a great referral for a dentist who works with a lot of children models. She told me that he would understand that time was of the essence when it came to the turn around of the appliance.
Well, I have kept that number on speed dial in my phone since April and I had Tommy call and make the appointment since it was a Japanese office. 
The doctor gave him a special time to come in at 7pm to get his impressions taken. 
Since Ashton had a important music video job with Namie Amuro that was suppose to shoot today, the dentist told us that he would have the flipper ready to be fitted on Saturday at 11. I later got an email on Friday saying that the shoot date for the music video was postponed due to costume delays.
After the appointment we returned home just in time for Tommy to head out to play some basketball. About 10 minutes later I got a text saying that he was on his way home.
When he got here, he showed me his chin and I quickly knew that it needed stitches. I sent him and a very insistent Ashton off to the ER where they waited for 3 hours. 
5 very painful stitches later (they don't really believe in pain meds here) Tommy was feeling better, tired and ready to be home. 
I think we were all ready for Friday!

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