Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some of my faves...

Oh Ashton and Riley.
 You guys are so cute and have such fun at shoots together.
You aren't shy around and seem to have tiny crushes on each other. 
Your chemistry comes out in your photos and long shoots fly by.

Riley and Ashton are very well behaved and always impress the photographers. 
That's probably why we get so many jobs.
It's always nice to get along with who we spend all of our time with. 
Riley's mom has become a friend and Ashton and I always love when we hear that Riley got the "girl part" for a shoot. 

Excited for Oceans Magazine shoot with you all tomorrow :)

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Meet the Templins said...

So handsome! I hope you get to keep a few of the clothes, the cute ones at least. What a cool experience you guys are having!!