Thursday, July 4, 2013

Haircuts for the twins

The morning of the haircut

Cute curls (Cooper)

Nixon's curls

Cooper's bed head

I have loved watching the twins' hair grow and grow and grow. They both had big, silky blond curls at the napes of their necks that were so cute!
When Nixon auditioned for his last modeling job, his hair was long. When he got the job, I was afraid to cut his hair too much, because the clients had seen him with long hair.
The day after the job finished, I took him to the salon and let Katsumi work her magic.
We LOVE Katsumi. She is amazing at what she does.
Cooper went first and did a great job. Ashton and Weston were great entertainers the whole time. Ashton also documented the whole adventure with my camera. He got some fun shots :)
I was surprised when we were done in 30 minutes with both babies. 
Nixon has tried to feel for his long hair a few times, but I think he is starting to get used to his new haircut!

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