Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Picture overload !!

Tommy wrapped the twins right after they got out of the water. Within 5 minutes they were both out cold!
Daddy and Coop relaxin'

Taking a break from swimming

The boys pushing their friends in the hammock 

All of the boys watching Tommy wind surf

Good job daddy!

Ashton and Weston's hotel room:)

Morning nap together:)

Dropping the kids off at Kids Club

 Me and Ashton snorkeling 

Me, Nixon and Weston in the pool

Picture courtesy of Ashton

All the boys wrestling 

Ashton getting ready for kids club

Weston too!!

Me and my Westie bear

My big boy Ashton 

The twins straight out of the bath

Pool time!!

Cooper giving kisses!

Building sand castles 

 The twins can nap anywhere :)

Tommy wind surfing

Me and Ashton at the splash park

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