Saturday, June 1, 2013

Behind the scenes- a tv commercial

Practicing his lines

Getting ready to shoot a scene with his "mom" :)

one of the many tv screens set up so that we could see the shots

Ashton doing a scene

The camera was always changing vantage points

Ashton and his "dad" taking some pictures before the filming started

Ashton's photo shoot before the filming 

I have really enjoyed going with the kids on all of their modeling adventures. Ashton has exceeded our "modeling in Japan" expectations because he seems to be very popular here. We have been told many times that "he just has the look" and of course we think so too.
Most people who venture out to do the modeling only do print or catalogue. And it's maybe only a few jobs. Not only has Ashton done tons of print, web and catalogue, but he has done tv commercials, music videos and a dvd cover. He usually has 1 job per week, but sometimes it 2 or 3.  We feel so lucky that he has had so many of these rare experiences. 
The above pictures are from a Panasonic commercial that he did last month. This commercial will air world wide.  
It was awesome to see the production of making a commercial. There were 3 actors (Ashton, a mom and a dad) and a crew of about 50. Ashton and I had our own translator/assistant that stayed with us the whole day. She helped with food, drinks, language, treats, activities for Ashton and then called us a taxi at the end of the day.
We finished around 5pm and the crew presented Ashton with a remote controlled hummer at the end of the shoot. They all clapped and thanked him for his hard work. 
He of course was in heaven!

Tomorrow Ashton and I will hop on the shinkansen to Shizuoka ken (about 1.5 hours away) for a 2 day shoot. It is at a very nice hotel called Numazu Castle. They are letting us stay the night there and Ashton is really excited!!
Glad that Tommy and Nana can hold the fort down while we are gone :)

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Rosemary said...

pretty cool that you get to do all that. Nice job Ashton.