Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weston's (early) 5th birthday

Summer is prime time for families to go away on holidays or head back to the states for their next assignment. Weston's actual birthday is on July 23rd and I was worried that too many people would be gone by then. Also, 2 of his best friends (twins Kevin and Amelia) are moving in a few weeks (boooo!) and they have a summer birthday too. Since they all have the same friends, we decided to do a joint party for the 3 of them and let them celebrate together. 
It was a great day and the kids played and played. 
We let Weston, Amelia and Kevin each choose a color to help with the theme and decorations of the party. We also had a "candy bar" for the kids to help themselves to!
The party was a success and our birthday kids were so happy:)

Yumi and I rewarded ourselves with a long, nice dinner out with friends that evening. After dinner we stayed out all night singing Karaoke!!
It was a fun and exhausting day, but that's just how I like it!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Picture overload !!

Tommy wrapped the twins right after they got out of the water. Within 5 minutes they were both out cold!
Daddy and Coop relaxin'

Taking a break from swimming

The boys pushing their friends in the hammock 

All of the boys watching Tommy wind surf

Good job daddy!

Ashton and Weston's hotel room:)

Morning nap together:)

Dropping the kids off at Kids Club

 Me and Ashton snorkeling 

Me, Nixon and Weston in the pool

Picture courtesy of Ashton

All the boys wrestling 

Ashton getting ready for kids club

Weston too!!

Me and my Westie bear

My big boy Ashton 

The twins straight out of the bath

Pool time!!

Cooper giving kisses!

Building sand castles 

 The twins can nap anywhere :)

Tommy wind surfing

Me and Ashton at the splash park

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guam part 2-- More fun in the sun!

Look at Weston go!!

Ummm, I swear these two are twins. They even sleep the same!

Our resort was very kid friendly. There were watersides, splash pads and lots of activities. Our hotel set up some baby sitters for us so that Tommy and I could take the big boys out and also get some alone time. On the day that we took Ashton and Weston out we snorkeled, took a boat ride around the bay, played mini golf, went on the trampolines and then did the water slides. 
On the day that Tommy and I didn't have any kids, we went and enjoyed massages at the spa. Then, we went to the pool and drank smoothies while watching some Koreans attempt to play water basketball:)
The resort also had 'Kids Club'. It's included with your stay and basically you send your kids to day camp if you want. They can go morning, afternoon or both. The camp counselors take them swimming, and do different activities around the resort. I think one day they played racquet ball. On Thursday night I asked Ashton what they did at camp. His reply was "Mom, do you know that big animal that has horns and can pull like 8-10 people in a cart behind it?"( I was assuming that they had watched a video or something about animals in Guam). Then he goes on to say "We got to ride in a big tall cart while the bull thing pulled us. And if you want, you and daddy and the twins can ride it too!"
I was so confused, but literally just as we were walking by the tennis courts sure enough there was a big bull with a cart attached taking people on rides! It was too hilarious :)
Needless to say we had a fun time and we were never bored! 
And yes, there are still more posts to come!