Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our week while daddy was away

Monday: The boys had a modeling obligation, so we ventured out with the ipad for entertainment

Tuesday: The weather was beautiful so me and the babies spent the morning outside

Wednesday was Ashton's Canon shoot in Hayama

It was a treat to model with Ashton for this shoot!  This isn't the official shot, but one of the stylist was taking pictures on her phone during the shoot, then sent them to me :)

The photographer was letting Ashton look at his pictures

Me and Ashton checking out the beach

Thursday night Weston got in the bath with the twins. They had a blast...

...but I got SOAKED!!!

Friday we rode bikes outside and played at the park. Sakura everywhere!!

Our week with Tommy away flew by. Of course the week was packed so we were constantly going from one thing to the next. Monday the boys and I ventured out and about for a modeling thing. On Tuesday after school, Ashton had a friend over. Ashton and I went to Karate then came home and finished homework. 
A couple of weeks ago, I posted about how Ashton booked a big modeling commercial with Panasonic. Just one week later he auditioned and got another huge job with Canon. This shoot ended up being on Wednesday in a town about an hour away called Hayama. It was near the beach. Ashton and I got up early and went to the Canon studios to meet the car that was taking us to the location. He did a great job and had a lot of fun that day. I was able to model with him during one of the shoots and that was exciting :) They even brought a puppy for him to play with for a little bit of the day. 
On Thursday the boys had soccer and then Ashton and I went to karate again. 
Friday I was able to go to lunch with a friend. It was nice to just visit and have some adult time(with no kids) after such a busy week. After lunch we went shopping at the Toms store. We both only went in to try on some shoes with the intentions of ordering them online. But we both talked each other into paying way too much just buying the shoes and enjoying them now(everything is double the price here in Tokyo)! It was a nice treat. The boys got home from school that afternoon and we enjoyed the weather riding bikes and playing at the park. Then, daddy arrived that evening. 
We were all tired from our busy week, but glad to have him home!

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Rosemary said...

Sounds like you had a good but busy week. That is nice that you got to model with Ashton! The two of you make for a great photo shoot I'm sure. It's great that you are finding your way around the town on your own. Congrats!