Friday, January 18, 2013

11 months old

11 months old already! This last year has flown by:)
Never in our wildest dreams did Tommy and I ever think that we would have twins. But now that they have been with us for almost one whole year, I can't imagine it any other way.
I always thought that having twins would be fun. They would always have a playmate, you get 2 babies from one pregnancy and dressing and buying clothes for them would be exciting:) 
All of those things are true. These little guys love each other. 
And we love them!

This video is after bath time. I let all of the water drain out of the tub and the twins were happily playing. The next thing I knew, Cooper was cracking up at Nixon. Nixon in turn was thinking it was pretty darn funny too!


Rosemary said...

These are lovely photos of the twins! We both enjoyed hearing the laughter from Nixon and Cooper on the video. It is fun to see their little personalities shining through. :)

Hollie said...

Cute little laughs! I think it is Cooper with the deep voice? So funny, he's a little man with his deep little voice:)

Meet the Templins said...

They have the most handsome eyes! I can't believe how big they are.

Meet the Templins said...

I didn't see the video last time....they are so cute!! I loved the giggle.