Monday, December 10, 2012

All is calm, all is BRIGHT!

Ok, so maybe all is not calm* (with 4 kids how could it be?!!), but we are working on the bright! 
We finally got our Christmas tree up this Sunday after church. The twins watched from their high chairs and the big boys entertained them with dances and jokes. 
Mindy Glendhills 'Winter Moon' was playing (Tommy and I got to see her live this weekend with friends) and the heater was cozying up our home. 
It was a fun evening!

**only 3 ornaments broken, a couple of meltdowns, had to stop once to nurse and put the babies to sleep, took a break to make chocolate chip cookies, and had to finish up some homework with Ashton. But we made it, even if it took ALL evening :)


Amber said...

love your tree, we got your Christmas card today and its really cute!!

Marianne and Brad said...

Looks great! I love how the twins look like they are taking this tree business VERY seriously haha. Cute boys!

Meet the Templins said...

Sounds like a busy afternoon but handled like the pros you guys are! You are such amazing parents. Hope you have a great Christmas!!