Friday, September 7, 2012

Weston starts school!

Weston has been looking forward to starting preschool all summer. His first week was a success and he is excited to tell us everything he did when he gets home. He goes everyday from 8:15-3:00 and has enjoyed meeting new friends and teachers. 
His classroom size is 12 students and 3 teachers. So far he talks the most about "Mr. Kevin."

The boys also started soccer last week. I really enjoying having kids at so many different ages and seeing their different personalities and interests come out.
So far this year we have learned that Weston can go non-stop and still have energy. 
Ashton needs a little time to recoup after school (usually with his iPad) then he is ready to go again.
The other night Tom and I went to Ashton's school for another orientation and when we got home, Virginia told us the boys had both fallen asleep (in their beds) at 7:14. So school and all the other activities that have started is definitely wearing them out!

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