Monday, August 20, 2012

Proof to my sis!

Coop sneezing it up!

My sister called yesterday and it was fun visiting with her. We got to talking about how big the twins are getting and she asked if we had "Bumbo" chairs for them. She preceded to inform me of the recent recall on all bumbo chairs and also told me that her 2 e.r. nurse sister in laws always stress the danger of the bumbo chairs and how many injured babies they have seen because of them. 
Tommy and I opted to not get the Bumbos because of all of the complaints and research done about how tipsy they are. 
Instead we got the Bebe Pods that have a much wider base. They have been great so far-no complaints.
So sister, here is Cooper modeling his pod chair! No bumbos here!

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Meet the Templins said...

Glad they are safe! I can't believe how cute they are. Are you enjoying your new adventure?