Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wide open spaces...Wyoming part 1

My mom and the boys

Aunt Jeanette, Kalen and Cooper

 My grandparents and Nixon

 Celebrating Alexa's birthday

Movie night!!

Getting ready to do the waterslide

The twins loved being outside

Great Aunt Janet and all the kiddos

Ashton split his head open...

So, I super glued it shut

Me and Nixon at the park (it was soooo windy that day!)

The park at my parents house. 

Cooper thinks he needs his own iPod :)

While Tommy is slaving away at home doing our pack-out, we have been fortunate enough to spend time with family in Wyoming and Utah.
This last weekend, we traveled to my Grandparents house and played non-stop on their waterslide. 
We set up a blanket outside around 10 A.M. and stayed out there until around 8 P.M. Me and the babies napped and played in the shade while the big boys ran with cousins and went non-stop.
At one point Ashton came over to me (with blood dripping down his hand) and said "Hey I'm bleeding." Immediately I noticed that the side of his head was drenched in blood so we ran inside to take care of it. He had a good sized gash and it was taking it's time to stop bleeding. After a few hours and some debating (and convincing from my aunts) I decided to just super glue it together. 

It has been a fun couple of weeks and we look forward to coming back next summer and doing it all again!


Wendie said...

Except for the head wound, it looks like you are having so much fun!

Rosemary said...

It's always a joy to see photos of the grandkids. Looks like you are all having a great time! So cute it looks like Nixon and Cooper are holding hands. Such cute boys all of them.