Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wide open spaces...Wyoming part 1

My mom and the boys

Aunt Jeanette, Kalen and Cooper

 My grandparents and Nixon

 Celebrating Alexa's birthday

Movie night!!

Getting ready to do the waterslide

The twins loved being outside

Great Aunt Janet and all the kiddos

Ashton split his head open...

So, I super glued it shut

Me and Nixon at the park (it was soooo windy that day!)

The park at my parents house. 

Cooper thinks he needs his own iPod :)

While Tommy is slaving away at home doing our pack-out, we have been fortunate enough to spend time with family in Wyoming and Utah.
This last weekend, we traveled to my Grandparents house and played non-stop on their waterslide. 
We set up a blanket outside around 10 A.M. and stayed out there until around 8 P.M. Me and the babies napped and played in the shade while the big boys ran with cousins and went non-stop.
At one point Ashton came over to me (with blood dripping down his hand) and said "Hey I'm bleeding." Immediately I noticed that the side of his head was drenched in blood so we ran inside to take care of it. He had a good sized gash and it was taking it's time to stop bleeding. After a few hours and some debating (and convincing from my aunts) I decided to just super glue it together. 

It has been a fun couple of weeks and we look forward to coming back next summer and doing it all again!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4 months ago today...

4 months ago today we welcomed two beautiful, healthy twin boys into our family. 4 months has flown by, but we have savored and enjoyed every moment.
Smiling, cooing, giggling, rolling from side to side, teething, holding toys and growing like champs ( still nursing exclusively) are some of their latest pastimes.

We didn't get many pictures of the babies in their blessing outfits on the day, so I did a little shoot today on their 4 month "birthday". 
Big, big boys!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Unfortunately, we are away from our daddy today.
We are busy playing at my parents house in Wyoming. The boys have been going non-stop playing with cousins, aunts, uncles and of course grandma and grandpa.
But we can't forget about our sweet dad who we are missing today!
For journaling purposes, I want to record the answers the boys put down on their 'All about my Dad' worksheet.

Ashton-Age 5
My dads name is  THOMAS BELL
My dad is 13 years old
His hair is BLOND and his eyes are BLUE
My dads favorite food is CHICKEN
Daddy's favorite color is BLUE
My dad likes to wear HIS WORK CLOTHES
My dad's job is WORK
He loves to eat PIZZA
He's smart because he knows HE LOVES ME
My dad works hard at HIS WORKSHOP
Daddy always tells me HE LOVES ME
I'm happy when Daddy TICKLES ME
I love my Daddy because HE LOVES ME

Weston-Age almost 4 (in one month)
My Daddy's name is DADDY
My Dad is 6 years old
His hair is BROWN and his eyes are BLUE
My Dad's favorite food is CHICKEN NUGGETS
Daddy's favorite color is BLUE
My Dad likes to wear HOT WHEELS SHIRT
He's smart because he knows SAND AND CHOCOLATE
My Dad works at WORK
Daddy always tells me GOOD BYE
I'm happy when Daddy WEARS BYU HATS
I love my Daddy because HE'S POKEY


Monday, June 4, 2012

A name and a blessing-June 3, 2012

Our beautiful family
Me and Cooper
Lacey (holding Nixon), Me, Shaylee (holding Cooper)

Proud Parents

Lacey(Nixon), Judy, me, Shaylee(Cooper)

 The whole gang

Tommy's Family

Shayna's Family

Bell grandparents

Grandma Bell

Great Grammy and Grandpa Baxter

Great Grandpa Bell A.K.A. white haired Grandpa

Mimi and Nixon
 Sharielle (Cooper) Shaylee(Nixon), Lacey

Visiting during lunch at the pool

Swimming with Jameson ("JJ")

Decorations for the house

Picture banner

The decor at the house (grays and yellows)

Judy and her girls Lacey and Shaylee surprised me at the church on Sunday morning. As we pulled into our parking spot, I looked over and saw Lacey and Judy in their car next to us. I could not believe it. It was the best surprise and I will always be thankful that they came. Judy is my mom Shars sister, so for her to be here meant the world to me! I am so blessed to have Judy and her family in my life.

Mimi, Cooper and JJ

My dad and Tommy worn out after the long day

Well wishes and hopes for the babies

We had such a beautiful weekend. It was filled with friends and family here to support our beautiful twins on their blessing day.
The day could not have been more perfect. The weather was great and the babies were so happy.
Tommy said that right before each of them were blessed, as all of the priesthood holders circled around, each baby grinned ear to ear at Tommy.
Tommy did such a great job on their blessings. Each one was unique and we felt the spirit so strong. He got many compliments on the blessings he gave the babies.

After church, we all headed home to eat some food. We got Rubios to cater our party and we are so glad that we did. Not only was the food excellent, but we didn't have to do a single thing.
We had lunch down by the pool and let the kids swim while we all enjoyed the shade and company of friends and family.
After a few hours, we made our way back to the house for some yummy desserts. We had the house decorated with pictures galore of the twins, some fun banners,block letters with their names on them, and gorgeous flowers. We wanted this day all about the twins and it definitely was.
We also had some pens and "wishes for the baby" cards sitting on the table. Everyone each filled one out for each baby and I will be putting them in their blessing books.

We couldn't have asked for a better day. Their was so much love and support surrounding our family. Many people made the effort to come near and far to be with us. We are so thankful!
Nixon and Cooper are loved!

**thank you Wendie for taking our pictures!