Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our babies are 3 months old!

 Nixon, Ashton and Weston (taken with my phone)
 Nixon and Ashton (taken with my phone)
 Ready for a walk! (taken with my phone)

Nixon and Cooper turned 3 months old yesterday! Everyday they get more and more fun and we can't imagine life without them. They are such happy babies and gives us smiles around the clock. 
We are lucky to have "identical twins" that aren't "identical". We can very much tell them apart and I love how different they are looking from each other every day.

Right now....
Cooper is starting to like the swing, but Nixon can take it or leave it.
Nixon loves the play mat and Cooper can take it or leave it.
They both love their bouncy chairs and like to fall asleep in them throughout the day.
They are both great nursers and I feel lucky to be able to nurse them!
They both like the bath and shower.
Cooper likes to fall asleep and cuddle laying in our arms and Nixon likes to be up over our shoulder.
They both love their big brothers, and are constantly getting attention from them.
Ashton and Weston can both get the babies to laugh, smile and coo.
 It is the sweetest thing to see the older siblings interact with the babies.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Our trip to Washington D.C.

Plane ride to D.C.
Just got blood drawn...Weston looks traumatized 
Ashton and his broken foot

Me, Weston, Nolan and Melanie (miss you guys!)

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 We had such a fun trip to Washington D.C. a few weeks ago. I'll be honest, I was a little apprehensive about this trip (flying with the twins at only 10 weeks) but it actually went really well. Tommy and I got a lot of nice compliments about how well behaved our kids were and how we worked well together as a team. Those are always nice to hear after a 5+ hour plane ride. We had 6 seats on the airplane so we brought the babies car seats on and they just slept pretty much the whole flight. They each woke up once to nurse and then fell back to sleep. The older boys played their ipod touches with their headphones and really just entertained themselves. Tommy and I relaxed a little and were able to read some magazines, watch some movies and play some games (we may have even caught some naps).

Throughout the week we did some sight seeing. Ashton really wanted to see the "guy on the back of the penny" so the Lincoln Memorial was on the top of our list of things to see. We also took the boys to the Air and Space Museum. Our friends moved to Virginia last summer so I was thrilled to get to see them also. We went over for an evening and let the boys play (she has 3 cute boys). It was so nice to catch up!

On Friday morning we headed back to the airport, but we had a stop to make before flying all the way home. My sisters wedding was that weekend so we flew into Utah and stayed the weekend for that. I will post about her beautiful wedding later. It was so fun to see family and friends and of course witness Shantel and Dallins special day!

This trip was a good trial run for our move to Japan. The flight time to Tokyo is about 10 hours. Definitely doable especially after flying coast to coast non-stop. And that was without help (my mom will be with us on the Japan flight). It was a stressful but fun week. We are now looking forward to family being here for the babies blessing June 3rd!

**Ashton broke his foot the day before we left. It was on a weekend so there weren't any dr's offices open-just urgent care. We had to see the orthopedist in D.C. and get it casted there. It made for a very interesting airport/security/get on the airplane experience because he couldn't walk (he was in a soft cast). But we made it and we literally jumped for joy when they put a walking cast on him a few days after we arrived in Washington.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

One month and counting...

All of our focus these days is on our upcoming move to Tokyo.
The boys and I leave in one month to stay with my parents (all of June) and spend time with family and friends, then we will all head to Japan the first of July. We are lucky to have my mom fly out and stay with us for a few weeks while we get all set up. We also made the decision to sponsor/hire a nanny for our stay out there. Her name is Virginia and she will be there ready to start the day we arrive. I am so thankful for the help. Tommy and I really want to take full advantage of living in such an awesome place and help with the kids will be a necessity.

We spent this last week out in Washington D.C. doing our medical check-ups and getting all squared away for the move. We saw the city, went to the air and space museum, saw some monuments and got to visit with our friends the Evans and let our boys play. It was a fun week and I will post about it once I get my pictures ready (we all came down with colds probably from the recirculated air on the plane. We are all at different stages of our sicknesses. Hopefully we recover soon).

We can't wait for our new adventure!