Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kims game @ Long Beach State

Since Friday was a day off, we spent the morning running errands and then headed up to Grandma and Grandpas house.
Aunt Kim who plays basketball for UVU and was able to come to Cali to play Long Beach State. We were all super excited to be able to go.
Great Grandpa Bell came too and we had a great time!
The boys had fun cheering for Kim and giving her hugs at the end.

In 3 short months (or less) the babies will be here, and outings like this will be few and far between. On our walk to the car after the game, we started chatting with a family who was also there watching a family member from UVU.
They had 5 kids, all boys! It was so fun visiting with them and comparing "boy" stories.
We are getting so excited!

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Tara Pugmire said...

Just catching up with you and your cute little family. just had to leave a comment here as you can't on your twins preggers blog. So really the photo you took of yourself preggers with two and you are no bigger than that? We all want to see some real belly photos if you ever look pregnant! So happy for you and this new and exciting journey!