Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family vacation continued

Grandpa soaking up the rays
Jameson burying Ashton
Everyone burying Jameson
Jameson and Ashton trying to make a "pool"
Grandpa taking a little nap
Alexa and Mimi
Ashton and Alexa
Weston got tuckered out
So as a recap of our week so far, Saturday was the day everyone arrived.
Sunday we headed to church and listened to Tommy speak in sacrament :)
Then we headed off to visit Old Town San Diego and the Mormon Battalion museum.
Monday was Disneyland, and Tuesday was the beach!
You can't come to Southern Cal without a day at the beach.
Everyone had fun digging and splashing and relaxing. It was actually a little windy which made it hard to get in the water. But all the kids didn't seem to mind.
Next up, Legoland!

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Jeff and Kathy Bell said...

What a fun time! I miss the beach already! How fun your family could be out there and you guys could do so many fun things. ps. sometimes its hard to tell you and your sister apart. lol And you all are so pretty!