Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My extra long weekend vacation (sisters graduation)!

My Grandpa Hunt and I
Our garages decorated for the after party/luncheon
Sharielle and Ethan
Sharielles cap (decorated against the rules ha ha ha!)
Shar and the 'rents
Me and Shar
Sharielle and her best friends

This was from my senior year. State champs baby!!!
Dad trying to help Shar up onto the tiger

Dad high fiving the tiger
Sharielle getting ready to head to graduation
Tiger flags in front of my house. (do you see the clouds in the sky? Those are snow clouds)

Shars graduation gift!
Her new car!
Sharielles gift from my mom and I- a week in San Diego

I had a really, really fun looooong Memorial day weekend.
It was cold....like very cold. Like SNOWING cold.
(snow on Saturday night, Sunday and Monday morning)
I was able to spend 4 days with my family for my little sisters graduation.
I had a great time and the fun lasted all weekend.
There were graduation parties, the senior all night party, seminary graduation, a few concerts (my little brother is the lead singer in a band) and much more.
I think the first 2 days I was there I only got about 8 hours of sleep. There was so much going on and who needs sleep anyways?
Tommy gladly kept the boys at home, so I was able to take advantage of late night game playing, movies and visiting. Sleeping in was also an added bonus.
I was also able to visit my grandpa Hunt. I am thankful that I got to stop in and be with him for a while.
All in all I think Sharielle had a great graduation weekend. It's always a bitter sweet time as you say goodbye to high school and friends and move onto bigger and better things.
Can't wait for the next sibling graduation....in 2015!

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