Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day tea party

I received an invitation last week from Ashton to join him for a Mothers Day tea party.
So Thursday morning, I got to spend some sweet time with Ashton and his class (and other classes at the school).
Ashtons teacher had each child greet their moms separately with a pretty hand made corsage and an "I love you and happy mothers day".
Then we got some pictures and headed in to enjoy some cookies, ice cream and lemonade. I got a cute placemat with Ashtons picture on it and then the kids sang 3 songs that they had been preparing for that day.
I felt so lucky to have this time with Ashton. His school really made it such a nice time for all of us.


Crystal Durrant said...

That is so cute! I love it! Happy Mother's day tomorrow! :)

Jeff and Kathy Bell said...

How Sweet! What a brilliant idea! Ashton's school seems like a perfect place for learning and growing and I hope when the time comes I can find a school like that for my children!

Laurie said...

Fun!!! Preschools are sure a lot different nowadays!