Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Air show 2010!!!

The 2010 Miramar Air Show has come and gone and once again was a blast.
We have been looking forward to it literally since we left last years show.
It was extremely hot this year due to a week long heat wave that was on it's way out, but we still had such a fun time.
Weston was a little unsure about how noisy the jets were but he was still happy to be there.
The owner of one of the jets pulled Tommy aside at one point and asked him if our boys would like to sit in his plane. He wasn't allowing anyone in his plane and normally never does but he thought our boys were so cute that he had to let them sit in his plane. He even let Ashton put on his helmet-he was in heaven!
It was another wonderful weekend in San Diego and once again we can't wait for next years show!!!

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Rosemary said...

Wow that's really cool! It does look like Ashton is very very happy. Nice photos too.