Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our kids

Summer is slowly coming to an end.
It feels like it just started and now halloween is almost here-YIKES!
We have really started to feel the grind of things to come.
The boys are only 3 and 2 and already they have pretty full schedules.
I couldn't help but think ahead to 10+ years from now when they are even busier.
Or even when they are both driving and dating and working and....
Oh boy, I get emotional just thinking about it. But it also excites me.
I look forward to our boys and their future activities and life experiences.
But for now I will focus on preschool and t-ball. Mommy and me and playgroups.
But with as quickly as summer flew by, who knows how fast the next few years will go by.
So here is to this next school year and not taking the "every day" grind for granted.
Because summer 2011 will be here before we know it :)


sharielle:) said...

So adorable!! I miss u guys like crazy!! Love u

ej said...

Oh man, I need a lesson on how you handle busy schedules and look forward to their schedules/activities as they get older. I have the crummiest attitude about it. It all just seems to take away from family time, meanwhile they just get bigger by the minute. I could use any advice on how to adjust my attitude! For real.
PS- your boys are adorable.

Durrant said...

Love the pics Shay! They definitely grow up way too fast! Miss your face!

Rosemary said...

Love to see pics of our cute grandkids! We looking forward to seeing you all again. Keep the photos coming :)