Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Um, Yeah.

So last night was like any other night until....
Wait, let me start from the beginning.
T and I had rented The Book of Eli this last weekend, but due to us both being sick resulting in early bedtimes all weekend, we didn't get it watched.
Last night I did an early workout so that we could start the movie at a decent time and get to bed earlier rather than later.
Both boys were in bed, or so we thought. Ashton was having trouble settling down and instead of fighting him to go to sleep, we let him watch a show on our bed (he usually falls asleep).
Well around 11:30 the movie finished and we were both tired. Little did we know that our sleep would have to wait because Ashton decided to lock us out of our bedroom.
It's not one of those wimpy locks that you can poke around in and open... it requires a key, one that we don't have.
Our kids have never been door lockers. We have always told them never to lock any door. And for the most part they have listened.
Normally, this little incident wouldn't have been an issue. Ashton is old enough to unlock doors and understand. But he was sound asleep. And when I say "sound" I mean it. Oh, and the tv was still on.
We banged and knocked and yelled and banged some more. At one point we even set off our fire detecters hoping it would startle him awake. But no, nothing.
We don't own a ladder (although that is on my list of things to do today) and at midnight we were reluctant to call and wake someone to help.
So I decided it was up to me to somehow get up on the roof.
Tommy would have done it but with nothing to "hoist" him up, he had to be the "hoister".
So we climbed on the fence that you see on the left of the second picture then Tommy lifted me up with one arm while balancing himself with his other.
I carefully crawled on my stomach to the window (it was steeper than I thought and those roof tiles are slippery and there was literally NOTHING to hold onto).
Thank goodness the window was unlocked and easy to open.
By the time I crawled through I was a little shaky and not so tired anymore.
Let's just say climbing around on the roof wasn't in my plans for the night.
Ashton was fine, resting peacefully (a little too peacefully) on our bed.


sharielle:) said...

hahahaha o my goodness!! glad you made it safely back inside!.
That seems like something that would happen on like a Home Alone movie or something!

Shayna Bell said...

I know. I was freaking out. Glad Tommy was home and not on a work trip:)

Laurie said...

Shayna, I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog, but this totally reminds me of the time Kathy was three and accidentally locked herself in our bedroom. We had no key either. I'm so glad I didn't have to shinny up a roof to get her though! I can totally relate! (Kathy's Mom)

Shayna Bell said...

Ha ha-it must be a right of passage as a parent to "rescue" a kid from being locked in somewhere! No, I don't mind at all, I loved reading your comment. Let's just say I have 2 important jobs to do today-1. get ladder. 2. change door handle :)

The Crowley's said...

I so wish I could have been there at midnight to see you guys in action!

Meet the Templins said...

Too Funny! At least you didn't have to call the fire department! (thanks to Karson that is how we fixed our lock out problem!) I would have been terrified to shimmy up on the roof. Ah the joys of life! Miss you guys.