Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Party animals!

We love the hot-tub!

Me excited to spend the evening with my favorite boys @ the pool!!
Singing happy birthday to Westie

first bite (or lick)!
Choosing his heart for his puppy
Giving the heart some love
watching his puppy come to life
naming his puppy
Daddy's ready for some grub!
All tuckered out
Beautiful San Diego
Can I have one of those boats....please?
Great Grandma and Grandpa Bell!
I have been a little under the weather the past few days, so this is catching everyone up on Westons 2nd birthday festivities.
Friday was his true birthday, so we celebrated with the pool, cupcakes and ice cream.
Saturday we filled the day with lots of fun activities, and made sure that Weston was having fun all day long!
We started out at Build a Bear (we took Ashton on his 2nd birthday) and let Weston choose an animal. He of course chose a puppy and a baseball uniform to dress it in.
After, we headed to the Corvette diner. It was a fun 50's style place with poodle skirts, old cars, burgers etc. The boys had a fun time and the food was good. As soon as we left we could tell they were getting tired, so we turned on a movie in the car and took a little drive. I love where we live. San Diego is so beautiful and is full of charming neighborhoods and streets full of cute houses. Tommy and I often take drives to plan where we will live someday. We drove for a while and the boys both got some good cat naps. When we got home we got ready for our guests, Great grandma and grandpa Bell. They were coming to help celebrate and eat some cake. I made a 3 layer ice cream cake that was DELICIOUS! The bottom layer was dark chocolate brownie, the middle was chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream and the top layer was yellow pudding cake. I topped it off with a dark chocolate frosting. YUMMMM
When Grandma and Grandpa arrived they had their famous balloons for the boys and a gift for Westie. We all enjoyed watching him open some presents and we were even able to Skype with Grandma and Grandpa Bell and Aunt Kim in Virginia.
All in all I think it was a successful birthday!

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Rosemary said...

The puppy looks so cute! What a fun tradition. I'm very jealous of your great weather. Glad you are enjoying CA and all it has to offer. I'm glad that Great G & G Bell made it over to party with you and also it was fun to be able to skpye with you guys. Have a great day!