Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kit Carson Park

Weston and Nolan

Weston and his cone

Weston walking around with a cone on his head. (Can you tell we have been watching Toy Story 2 a lot!)

Our good friends invited us to this amazing park on Friday and boy did we have fun.
Kit Carson park is a huge area that includes hiking trails, ponds, picnic areas, every sport field imaginable, an amphitheater and so much more.
All of the boys (5 total) enjoyed running and climbing, playing at the parks, riding bikes and most of all exploring the Queen Califia's Magical Circle.
It is a sculpture garden that features 9 freestanding sculptures created by Niki de Saint Phalle.
All of the shapes and creatures were child friendly and all of the kids climbed and admired the beautiful mosaic statues.
After 3 + hours in the sun we headed home both kids were satisfyingly exhausted :)


The Crowley's said...

what a cool park but the cone is way better!

Rosemary said...

I love the cone look. What a fun time to see the quirky things kids do. Weston is really growing up! Good thing you have this photo as proof for future needs.

ej said...

Love the Toy Story influence, lol. What a bright and beautiful park, fun.

Carina said...

"satisfyingly exhausted". What a great way to describe it. You have got to live in one of the coolest places. So many great places for kids. jealous. Very jealous. :)