Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It pays to pay!

This is how I felt this morning when my Pottery Barn package arrived.
New sheets=pure bliss.
Yes, this is a blog post about my (our) love of anything Pottery Barn.
Everything that we have ever gotten from there we have loved. Yes, you pay out the wahzoo (what is a wahzoo anyways?) but it is worth it for sure.
The service is great, the people are great and extremely helpful.
Ordering online is never a hassle.
I ordered our sheets only a few days ago and bam, here they are.
Ready to go quickly through the wash and onto our bed.
I think someday I will happily work at a Pottery Barn, and fill my house with all of the lovelies from their stores.
Thank you P.B. for everything.
I'm sure I will be seeing (or ordering from) you soon :)

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