Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sea Grove park in Del Mar

First off, let me just say that I LOVE this little town.
I'm sure the majority of you that have vacationed in San Diego either know of, or have also been to Del Mar.
Cute shops, fun restaurants, beautiful beaches, expensive cute beachy houses.
There is a nice park very close to the water, and we ventured out to meet friends there today.
Right by are the tracks for the "Coaster" train, and about every 45 minutes a small train quickly passes.
It's fun for the kids to watch from a safe distance.
On our drive to the park, we were stopped for a minute because one of the beach houses was getting ready for a second story to be added to it.
On the drive back home, they were finally placing the level so I got a quick picture.
(As I am writing this, Tommy and I are watching the report about it on our local news :))
We had so much fun at Sea Grove park in Del Mar and can't wait to go back!

Tonight for dinner we had homemade Costa Vida/Cafe Rio.
The closest Cafe Rio is in Laguna Hills, about an hour north from us.
We went there for lunch on Saturday, and had a nice family outing.
It was fun to make it at home, and the recipe I found was delish. The cilantro lime dressing was identical...YUM.


Meet the Templins said...

That sounds like fun!! The salads look yummy. They opened up a Cafe Rio here in Denver too! I have to know how you contain the sand!! Is it just all over the car?? I am so curious.

Rosemary said...

I love that park and playing while over looking the ocean! Lucky :) the food looks yummy too. Wanna share your recipe? I'd like to compare it to the one I love. :)