Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday getaway

Think Park City meets Jackson Hole.
Cute shops, fun places to eat, carriage rides on every corner.
We decided to make the hour drive to this fun town and get a taste of what it's famous for...
It's apple pies.
Ashton had overheard Tommy and I talking about going and informed us that he wanted to go get some pie in the mountains :)
On our drive to Julian we turned on a movie for the boys. I had rented the Princess and the Frog the day before, and Ashton let me know that he didn't want to see that movie because it was about Princesses. I got it anyways and they seemed to like it. Weston fell asleep about 10 minutes from our destination, but was happy to wake up for lunch.
We ate at The Miner's Diner which was a 50's style soda fountain.
It was extremely crowded, but we got a table and the food was really great.
We made sure not to eat too much because we were getting apple pie later.
Tommy had done some research on where the best pie was, and The Julian Pie Co. was our next stop and we were not disappointed.
We all shared slice of dutch apple a la mode! (Yes I cheated on my "no sugar" rule, but it was worth it).
It was of course delicious.
Hopefully we will get back to Julian sometime and try some more flavors.

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Rosemary said...

I wanna go there on my next visit. Sounds fun and YUMMY!