Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The boys were asking for a snack this morning, so I set out a few vegi-straws on the counter and told Ashton to have at it. I was checking my email and kept hearing him run to the snack and then scurry away quickly. Upon further investigation, I realized that he was retrieving "supplies" for the hideaway behind the couch. Ashton was making sure to bring enough back to Weston so he wasn't missing out.

***On another note, this morning after I got finished vacuuming, Ashton said "Mom, don't ever vacuum up our toys. Do you understand me?"
Another great quote. I guess he really does "understand" when Tommy and I finish a lecture with "do you understand?" ha ha


Brad and Marianne said...

haha ashton is a hoot! I miss you guys! I love seeing the pics, the boys are even more cute everyday :)

Childrens Show Choir said...

Cute pictures Shayna. But I have to ask...what are veggie straws? Love & miss you guys!!