Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friends are great, but brothers are better!

We met Teylor, Tessa and Paige at the park yesterday.
Smith was there too-he's a big dog.
He use to be a service dog so he is great with kids!
Weston didn't know if he should laugh or cry when Smith gave him a big doggie kiss across the face :)
Especially because he is about a foot taller then Weston!
The kids dug in the warm sand and made sure to get sand in every inch of their clothes, hair and shoes! But it's not fun any other way!

The boys had lots of fun just playing together too. Weston follows Ashton around and can really keep up.
In fact they were playing so well together and managing to keep themselves entertained that I wished I would have brought my Kindle with me to catch a few chapters in my book-
next time!


ej said...

So, the Kindle... do you love it???

The Crowley's said...

i love it when abby and michael play good together- it makes me so happy. you must do a lot of cleaning out of sand!!

Brad and Marianne said...

I hope when we have kids they love being brothers as much as ashton and westie! THey are so cute! Miss you guys