Tuesday, December 8, 2009

M&M world!!!

We decided to drive to Utah for Thanksgiving this year. It was nice being in the comforts of our own van, and we had so much room that we were able to pack literally everything! Not to mention the dvd player helped out immensely. But still it was a 10+ hour drive, and my only regret was doing it all in one day on our way out. Fortunately for us we had a little more time on our drive back and mad our way back slowly. We spent a day (and one night) in Vegas, stayed in the Excalibur and we were exhausted! We grabbed some dinner and brought it back to our rooms, got ready for bed and were all asleep by 8:30. The next morning we enjoyed a big buffet breakfast at the Luxor and then headed to M&M world. The boys had a blast and it gave them one last "run around" activity before being buckled back into the car for 5 more hours. It was fun and enjoyable for all of us.

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Brad and Marianne said...

that looks really cool! I need to take a trip to M&M world sometime...We miss you guys already :(