Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A day at the beach!!!

Us with the Pier and ocean behind
Check out those palm trees!!!
This bird was beggin' for food right outside of the restaurant
Watching the surfers
Weston enjoyed his lunch

This was the HUGE park right on the beach. The boys got so sandy but it was worth it. They had so much fun and the water was right there. They played their little hearts out!

Weston decided that sitting on Daddy's shoulders wasn't fun enough. He kept trying to flip off. He is such a daredevil!

We decided to take a little drive to Oceanside today. The weather was nice and warm (around 65) and Tommy has this week off of work, so we are trying to take advantage. We walked straight down the pier which ended up taking about 15 minutes because the boys had to stop and see everything. A the very end there was a 50's style diner and we stopped to enjoy lunch and the view. The boys were recharged after a good meal and ready to play. We headed down to the park that was right on the beach and let the boys run wild. They got extremely sandy, but it was worth the mess.
After that we walked up the street to Dairy Queen and enjoyed a cool treat and then headed to the car to go to the Carlsbad outlet mall. It was so fun, but unfortunately I had had enough walking. I hurt my foot this morning on a run, and by store #2 could barely walk. I was so sad because it is such a fun outdoor mall. I hope to get back soon!!!

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Durrant said...

So crazy... is it really winter? Man summer year round for you guys! Cute pics.