Monday, June 29, 2009

It's official, our boys love the water, sand and sun!

We had fun in our neighborhood pool, the pier and bay. The bay was perfect because there aren't any big waves, it's just grass, sand and water. The boys splashed,got dirty and tuckered out. I think they were out cold on our drive home in 3 minutes flat.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fathers day 2009

We enjoyed spending all day with some of our favorite dads! We wish we could have seen all of the amazing dads in our lives, but between Tommy (the third), and visiting his Grandpa Tom (the first) it was a GREAT day! Thank you for letting us stop by on Fathers day great Grandpa and Grandma Bell. We love you!

Monday, June 22, 2009


So this is my long lost sister, Misty. She is back in Colorado, but we have some great memories that will always keep us friends no matter where we live. Tommy and I enjoyed getting together with this great couple, and always had such a fun time!
No matter where Misty and I went, people assumed that we were twins or sister. The gym, volleyball, church, the mall, dinner, lunch etc. I am so glad that I have another "sister" and will cherish all of the fun times we had. Love you Mist!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

We are posting this one tonight because tomorrow we will be busy showering our Daddy with love and attention. It has been so much fun celebrating Fathers/Mothers Day now that Tommy and I have kids. The boys are excited to hang out with Dad tomorrow, and do whatever he wants to do. When I asked Ashton earlier today why he loved his Daddy he said " I love him", 
"he plays with me", then I asked him if he liked to go to the park with Dad, and he said "Yes, go to the park in Daddy's car". Weston had no comment, but we'll ask him again next year! Thank you Tommy for being a great Daddy, We love you!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sea World and more!

The boys enjoying the pool!
Don't worry, it's an old phone that was "allowed" in the pool
Hanging out at Sea World, taking a break on the cool grass
Me being silly trying on hats at the gift shop
The boys and I in front of the flamingo exhibit 
The boys enjoying my favorite show, the dolphins! I think they are fans of it now too!
Weston and Daddy on the Sky Tram
San Diego has been good, no GREAT to us so far. Sea World, great weather, pools, great shopping, and of course lots of SUNSHINE! We leave in 2 weeks for a month of vacationing. We are so excited! Can't wait to see everyone!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Too Funny!

We made a trip to Pottery Barn yesterday to look at some furniture. While we were browsing at the desks this "@" decoration (paper weight) above was sitting on the desk we were looking at. Ashton picked it up and proceeded to tell me "Mommy, A". When I asked him to repeat what he had said he said it again "Mommy, A". It was so cute, and we were both laughing our heads off wondering how he spotted this "A". He is too smart for his own good!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Boys will be boys!

We have had a fun week exploring our new neighborhood. The boys have enjoyed being outside sunup to sundown. They have especially taken a liking to sand-both at the beach and at the parks. Weston enjoyed some mouthfuls at the beach this weekend, but it's good for him right?! ;) They both seem fearless of the ocean and it's waves, and love to jump and splash in the water. We forgot the camera at the beach, but weren't too worried because it won't be our last time there. More to come...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our adventures thus far

These pictures are in no particular order. I would love to take the time to arrange them all, but this will have to do. Everything has been great here so far except for the fact that we all have colds. Not too fun, but we are getting by.
This is Ashton with his friends Karson and Avery. We have had the privilege of living right across the street from the Templins the last 2.5 years we were in Colorado. It was so fun to have friends so close. We spent so many great times on walks and at the park or at each others houses. We don't know what we'll do without them (will you guys come move in next door?). The Templins were here in San Diego on vacation, so we were able to spend some time with them. It was sad saying goodbye again-WE MISS YOU GUYS!
While we were in Vegas on the drive out here, we stayed in the Excaliber. The pool was so much fun and the boys had a blast.

I don't have any pictures of our new house yet, but we are working on it. We are slowly finding a place for everything. We would just much rather be outside at the pool or exploring our new city then at home "organizing". This is the view from our backyard. Yes, that is the ocean in the far distance. 
This is Weston in his sun/beach hat. He loves the sand.
This was our last day in Colorado. We were just getting ready to leave and the kids posed for one last picture. Avery looks outnumbered by the boys, but she has the cutest little sister named Addie who didn't get in many pictures.
More at the pool.
Eating ice cream...Yum!
Anna-Lise and I. We had a great time living so close!I will miss all of our walks and talks. We will need to have weekly chats to stay sane I think!
And this is Ashton at the park in his sun hat. Well, there you have it. I wish I would have documented more along our trip out here. Everytime I thought about it the camera would be somewhere else and we were all just so thankful to be out of the car that we didn't worry too much about pictures. Hope everyone is doing well. Misty, if you read this I MISS YOU!!!  Can you send me some of our "last day together" photos that Macey took?