Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More visitors, and Ashtons birthday take 3!

Weston celebrating in his Cars hat

Ashton and Alexa trying out all of the arcade games
Ashton and Mommy trying out his bike (red tongues from the red velvet Cars cake)
Ashton and daddy getting ready to go on the go carts
Jameson and Ashton enjoying the park
Ashton doing "dance, dance revolution"...his favorite game.
Sharielle and I posing for the camera
Ashton obviously enjoyed his cake and ice cream
Ashton telling daddy how to put together the bike

The awesome Cars cake my mom made for Ashton
We were so lucky to have more visitors this past week. My family drove to our house to hang out with us, and celebrate a belated birthday for Ashton. We had such a great time with them. We had some fun times shopping and finding cute easter outfits for all of the kids, and on Saturday, we took everyone to a place called Amazing Jakes. It had some fun kid rides and arcade games. It also had a rock wall, laser tag, and go carts. It was such a fun day! My mom or "MiMi" to Ashton made him a really great Cars cake. He accidentally saw the cake on the cupboard before dinner and would not eat. He just kept saying "Mcqueen cake" over and over again. When we finally put candles in it and sang to him he was soooo excited. We made the cake with a red velvet mix, so it was extra colorful. My mom got him an awesome Hot Wheels bike that he is in love with. Every morning when he sees it he says "biiiiiike" with a huge grin on his face. Between that and the Mcqueen race track and cars grandma Bell gave him he is in heaven. Ashton and Weston had so much fun with Jameson, Sharielle and Alexa. They played so great. It was sad to see everyone leave. Thanks family for coming and having so much fun with us! We will see you soon!

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Carina said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Now remind me. How exactly do I work it so I can celebrate MY birthday 3 times?! :)