Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photo shoot morning

Me and the boys had such a fun morning doing a just for fun "photo shoot" with my good friend. With 4 boys running/rolling around it got a little crazy...a fun sorta crazy though. We both have the same camera so we had a good time finding props and backgrounds, and just playing around with our cameras. We had so many ideas, but not enough time/attention spans for the kids to accomplish our list. We got some great pictures though, and had such an awesome time too!


Kristie said...

Looking good, how can you go wrong with such cute kids :)

Jennifer said...

Fun and cute photos... even Ashton's scowl-y one above... Thanks for being so diligent and capturing the moments that we can't always be there to see! Cute cute boys!! "Mimi" loves you!!

sharielle:) said...

Your boys just get bigger everytime i see them!! You are getting so good at taking pictures (and your boys are getting good at bein photogenic) Love ya sis keep taking pictures