Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Camera

So my wonderful husband bought me a new Nikon SLR camera this weekend, and I love it (thanks Misty for the recommendation!!! Can't wait to share tips!). Weston was my first test subject, and here are a few shots. I have been playing with it so much, and am slowly learning only a small bit of what goes into photography. Equipped with the learners manual, I have been chasing the kids around the house shooting tons of pictures. I am so excited to have this nice camera to get some great pictures of our family, and all of our adventures. Thanks babe for such a great gift---I owe ya ;)


Jennifer said...

What a CUTE BABY!!! Is it the baby or the camera...? ha ha How fun to have a cool camera... just don't follow my example and forget to take it or take it and forget to get it out and use it. I've missed so many great moments. You go girl!! Love you!! Mom

Carina said...

Does this mean you're going to come and take pictures of my baby? :)

sharielle:) said...

Your boys are SO cute!!! I love you and miss you all! Cant wait to see you! hope the weather is nice so we can come for ashtons bday!
LOVE you, Sharielle