Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok, I did it

I walked downstairs to put something in the storage room, and I saw them. All of our Christmas decorations begging me to please put them up. I thought ok, maybe just some figurines, garland and the nativity. But it turned into a full on Christmas decorating party. So what if it was just me, Ashton and Weston. We turned on some music and decorated away.
We are going to visit Tommys family over Christmas, and I was set on not putting up anything this year. For one I didn't know how I was going to chase a 21 month old away from the tree and ornaments while taking care of a 4 month old, and for two why put it up if we weren't going to be here to enjoy it? Well Ashton has proven me wrong and is doing great with just "looking and not touching" the tree, and I guess we can enjoy it for the next 12 days while we are here.
Tommy was pleasently surprised when he got home from work to see all that we had done. Our house looks great and I'm glad I did it. The kids love all the sparkles and lights and it's fun to see the "magic" in there eyes.


ej said...

Amen sister! Same situation, felt the same about putting it up and like you I am glad we did. Way to go Ashton leaving the tree alone!- last year our tree was naked on the bottom third thanks to Aly :)

Rosemary said...

Way good! Glad to see the kids had a good time putting up the tree. Way to go Mom for working so hard!