Friday, December 19, 2008

Feeling ready and thankful for Christmas (sigh)

Today was a big day for the boys and I. I started feeling a little panicked realizing that "our Christmas" was coming soon. We are flying out to Virginia on Tuesday to spend Christmas with Tommy's family, so we will be doing our own celebrating on Sunday night. Tommy is leaving tomorrow for the Las Vegas bowl (Merry Christmas to him) and will be returning Sunday afternoon. That only left me with today and tomorrow to "wrap" up all of my shopping. Not really wanting to go out on crazy Saturday, I was out the door this morning by 9 and home at 11. I have everything from gifts to wrapping paper so it was a very successful trip. Keep in mind that Weston was strapped to me in the baby bjorn, and Ashton rode in the carts. They were extremely good boys. Santa will definitely be visiting them.

It feels good to be done with all of the whirlwind shopping. I am truly grateful for this time of year. I am thankful for the real meanings of Christmas and the love that our Savior has for us. Merry Christmas, Love The Bells


ej said...

Okay, I'm impressed you got so much accomplished and WITH the boys- you're awesome. Have a great trip!!!

Heather Telford said...

Hey Shayna I saw on one of my friends blogs Shayna and Tommy, I cant believe it is you!! Such a small world!! Anyway wanted to say hello.. your little boys are adorable!! I am so happy for you guys!! Tell Tommy hi if he remembers me!! :)

Heather Telford said...

Ill tell him hello for ya for sure! I am gonna link you guys so we can keep in touch!! If you ever come this way Jessa and you and I should all get together!! She is having a baby 2 weeks before me!! Crazy how much time changes things!! :)