Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I unfortunately don't have ANY pictures from this weekend-so sad.

Tommys dad, brother and his wife flew into Denver on Thursday night for a quick visit and to see the Cougs play. Friday night I got a babysitter (thanks Ashlyn!!!!) and we headed out to dinner at the Grande Lux Cafe and it was divine! It was so nice to eat with adults and not worry about any kids. On our way home we stopped by Redbox to get a movie. The selection was scarce, but Jen and I decided on The Eye (scary thriller starring Jessica Alba).

The next morning we headed off to Costco to pick up some food to grill up for dinner after the game. At noon everyone headed out, (the boys and I stayed behind because of the weather and the length of games) and enjoyed watching BYU win! Once they got home we made a great dinner of steaks, salmon, rosemary herb bread, and asparagus. It was sooo good. We enjoyed some yummy chocolate cake for dessert and fell asleep to the movie Get Smart.

Sunday we made waffles and visited until it was time for everyone to head to the airport. I had to speak in Sacrament and give a lesson in Young Womens so I was dreading having to do that. We had a good full weekend and hope that everyone had a good time. Thanks for coming to visit!

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