Monday, September 8, 2008

Buffalo Bill museum

Grandma and Weston

Weston and I

Grandpa and Ashton doing "touchdowns"


Yee Haw!

Ride 'em cowboy

Great Grandma Teresa and Ashton

Ashton and I

The car ride home

What a fun weekend we've had. It was Weston's big blessing day and so many friends and family came to support us. I will post about that later, but for now these pics will have to do. Tommy's family just left after a fun filled day of sightseeing and a yummy dinner. Ashton really enjoyed the kid stuff at the Buffalo Bill museum. Thank you to everyone who stayed and played today. We had so much fun. Check back for pictures from the blessing.


Kristie said...

Looks like a fun time. It was great to see you all this weekend.

Carina said...

You guys live next to some really cool stuff! And you are SO SKINNY! Congrats. :)