Saturday, August 16, 2008

Growing up fast

Weston is now a little over 3 weeks old, and boy has the time gone so quickly. It's been so fun having a new baby in our house, and Tommy is loving his 2 boys. We are trying to adjust to our new lifestyle and it's taking time, but we are enjoying it. The biggest challenge so far is trying to get out the door. Between getting me and the boys ready it takes a lot of organization, time and preparation. Ashton is still doing very well as a big brother. I've heard the horror stories of sibling rivalry but it doesn't exist here...yet. Ashton is so sweet to always kiss his brother and pat his back when he is upset. It seems like they have been friends forever. Weston is growing so big already. He has grown another inch and gained a little over 2 pounds, so we are happy for that. We are so thankful that he was sent to us happy and healthy. We couldn't imagine life without him.


The Crowley's said...

He looks so alert and grown up for a newborn,he is so handsome!

ej said...

Weston is getting so big so fast! I loved your family pics!

Durrant said...

What a sweet baby! I am so glad that Ashton is giving him loves and kisses that is too cute! I can't believe he is already 3 weeks... crazy! Your pics are so cute! Crew was looking at the pics of the boys and he pointed to Ashton and said baby crew? Then after I told him it was Ashton he pointed to his picture and said "aldone"? So cute! He misses his favorite cousins!