Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ashton's Big Brother Shirt

Well it's almost been a week with sweet Weston, and things are going great. I am feeling so good, and it's been fun adjusting to life with 2 kids. Tommy and I still can't believe that we have 2, and our family seems so complete. Weston is a great baby. He already seems to be on his own schedule at night and it's been amazing. I can actually function during the days. Ashton is so so sweet with him and can't walk by without giving him a "mwah" (kiss). He loves to hold him and stare at him and point at his eyes and nose. Any little sound that Weston makes Ashton giggles at and goes to find where it's coming from. We are truly blessed to have this new baby with our family now, and he is so lucky to have such a great big brother.


Durrant said...

Congrats! He is so beautiful! And look at you in the pic at the hospital... can I just say model! Nobody should ever look like that after having a baby (I guess I speak for myself, I sure didn't!)! I am glad to hear that it was a pretty fast delivery. I am so excited for you guys and so glad he is hear safe and healthy! Love you all! I can't wait to see him!


You are too nice, but thank you. We will be in Wyoming this next week, and may take a trip to Utah Wednesday and Thursday. will you guys be around?