Friday, April 25, 2008

Attention all moms!!!

With this babies arrival quickly approaching (in 3 months if on time, 2 months if he comes early like Ashton did) Tommy and I are busy getting everything in order. For the most part we already have everything for this baby. Clothes, socks, shoes, diapers, furniture etc. We have successfully moved Ashton into his new room and are just putting the finishing touches on the decorating part. I think the last thing we really need is a DOUBLE STROLLER.

And this is where my question comes in. With these two being so close in age I need a good stroller to help us get around, and I have been looking and researching for months. What do you guys recommend? A tandem one or a side by side? Any particular brand?

Please leave comments if you can or email me and let me know what you think.


ej said...

We have a double jogger: good for jogging and walks but too wide for shopping.
double umbrella stroller: good for travel as it is light weight and relatively small. Not great for long term because this one lacks storage.
Joovy Caboose: This is the one I prefer, I would google it and read about it. But the plus is that the older child can sit OR stand which becomes important. It is light weight but not wimpy, and folds small and easily. Comes with adaptor to set baby carrier in front. Downfalls, can't lay front seat way far back cuz it hits other child so sleeping can be tricky. And I read some peoples children's legs were hanging down in the front as they got bigger though that hasn't been a problem for us but thought I would mention it seeing as you have Bell genes in your kids :)
In all I've read and seen there is no perfect double stroller though for us the Joovy has worked out well. We also bought a backpack carrier and each kid has LOVED that, just a random thought :)


Thanks for that, I'll check them out. I think I'll just have to quit worrying about getting the "perfect one" and finding one that fits what I need and want. Thanks Erin :)

The Crowley's said...

I have the Graco duo glide- which is big but aren't all double strollers, I wish we would have got the one Erin talked about because abby always wants to get in and out and its tricky, mine does have a lot of room and you can lay each seat back so that is good. How do you get your baby counter on your blog? amber



I think if you click the counter on my blog it will take you to the website and then you just fill out the info, and copy and download the code to your blog :)

Templin Family said...

I have to put my vote in for the side by side. My kids hated the duo glider, way too hard for the person in the back to see and it was so bulky! We bought the Combi and love it! While you can't go jogging with it, we did take it on several trips and loved how it folded up so small! Also it wasn't such a pain to have in the back of the car. With the tandem, i barely had room for groceries. I have no problem fitting in door ways or anything like that. Love it! Just my 2 cents! Oh and both seats recline. Only downside is it wasn't as heavy duty. I think the Joovy is nice too but with Ashton being so young I think it would be nice for him to be strapped in :) or take a nap. Good Luck! There will always be a downside on a stroller so just go for it.