Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our family trip to Virginia was a blast. We spent a whole week seeing family and friends. It was nice to be back and show off Ashton to everyone who had only seen him in pictures. Ashton and I went back to my old office and had lunch with my boss and co-workers. He was so cute blabbing and laughing and smiling. Here are only a few pictures from our trip. We had an amazing time and Ashton was the star of the show everywhere we went. We can't even count how many people complimented us on him, or stopped to tell us what a beautiful well behaved baby he is. We are truly blessed to have him. Enjoy the pics!
Here is Ashton in one of his favorite toys-a bouncy chair. Thanks to Nathan and Erin for letting us borrow all of the baby essentials. I think it was Uncle Peter who put the Nike sweat band on Ashton. I think he's ready to be an athlete.Here is Tommy and Ashton playing with one of the two remote control cars at Grandma and Grandpas house. He was so fascinated by the toy. It was funny to see baby and dad enthralled with the car. Like father like son.
On Wednesday Grandma, Ashton and I went to D.C. for the day and did some exploring. We had fun walking around Hauns Park and enjoyed watching the ducks and boats in the water and the helicopters flying above. As you can see Ashton was all smiles and very content in his stroller.

These are pictures of an interesting statue called The Awakening. It's basically a guy coming out of the ground or "waking" from sleep. It was definitely different. I guess when you think you've seen almost everything in D.C....

This was at the new Air force memorial. It was a very large memorial and the picture above is only part of it. Ashton kept trying to turn around and look at the big soldiers behind us. Luckily a nice old man started whistling at us to get Ashton's attention to the camera.

Katie, Me and Kimmie at San Vito our last night in Virginia.
Uncle Peter and Ashton

Our great friends Jeremy and Natalie (and Ashton).

I'm sure you noticed that Grandpa Tom isn't in any of these. He left for business a couple of days after we got to Virginia, but he met up with us on Saturday and Sunday back in Colorado. Thanks to everyone for the fun visit-we'll catch ya next time.

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ej said...

I love the picture of Ashton smiling in his stroller- so cute!!! And the one with the sweat band was hillarious...that definitely looks like the work of Peter, lol. Miss you guys already!