Thursday, September 6, 2007

Go Cougs!!

This last weekend we decided very last minute to hop in the car and drive to Utah. There was a lot going on including Tommy's mom being there to take his sister to B.Y.U., and of course the B.Y.U. football game. Tommy's brother Jeff is on the team, and we just couldn't pass up seeing everyone-also because of it being a longer weekend due to labor day made our decision a little easier. The trip took 7 hours but the drive was really pretty. The leaves are starting to change on the trees. We were able to meet up with Tommy's mom for dinner when we arrived, but unfortunately Ashton was a little cranky and tired. Saturday morning we went to B.Y.U. to get some breakfast (Tommy stopped at the Bakery on campus that he used to eat at when he was a student), then we waited for the bookstore to open so we could load up on our B.Y.U. gear. It was fun buying things for Ashton, and when we were finished we were all decked out!! The game was incredibly hotttt, so Ashton and I decided we should leave to go find some shade, and frozen lemonade. That night we met up with family for dinner and enjoyed the company. On Sunday we drove to Wyoming to visit with my family and made the long trek back home on Monday afternoon. This weekend was a great "kick off" for the upcoming fall and football season. We had such a great time seeing family, friends, and showing Ashton the place that his mommy and daddy met :)

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