Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update on Us

Just a little update on our family. Tommy's ankle is doing so much better-very very bruised (ya it's pretty gross) but definitely a lot better. Ashton has been rolling around for a while now, but it's fun to see him get around so efficiently. He rolls all around the room and is starting to scoot a little bit. Once he gets his eye on something (toy, shoe, belt) he rolls right to it and happily smiles at his achievement. He is growing every day, and I think I am developing some serious biceps from hauling him around. Forget the handicap parking, where's the parking for moms with babies still in car seats? They weigh a TON!! Ashton got his first tooth yesterday, at least that's when I noticed it poking through. I was pretty surprised because he hasn't been fussy at all, just very slobbery! He will be 7 months old this week, I thought he was a little late on getting teeth, but like my grandma says "the later they get 'em, the longer they'll have 'em". I just got called into Young Women's this week. I am the personal progress leader-it will be a blast. I am going to my first activity tonight! Tommy, Ashton and I are going to Washington D.C. in 2 weeks to visit family and friends. I love D.C. this time of year-not too hot, not too cold. I'm happy to report that my fantasy football team won this week! Well, that's us in a nutshell.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ashton and I got a call from Tommy last night to come pick him up from basketball. When we got there a not so mobile daddy came hobbling out of the building. Unfortunately he sprained his ankle pretty bad when coming down from getting a rebound. Ashton and I are busy taking care of him and trying to help him feel better. It's pretty swollen, and it's very hard for him to get around. He had to cancel a business trip and won't be playing in his softball or golf games this week (I don't mind ha ha). We hope he gets better soon!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

www.portauthoritypolicememorial.orgThis is the "Tribute to Light" memorial.

This is a picture of the flags that were put up today in our yard, and in the yard of our good friends across the street. Here is a great poem written by Chris Porche about September 11th.

We see the flag

waving in the air,

we dread that September day

and think of that great scare.

We see the planes hit

everyone starts to cry,

who’s doing this

terrible thing and why?

Remembering where it once stood,

well now it's Ground Zero,

wondering about the people

who went down as a hero.

As we are praying

here hand-in-hand,

there’s one thing to be said,


Friday, September 7, 2007

I love my food!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Go Cougs!!

This last weekend we decided very last minute to hop in the car and drive to Utah. There was a lot going on including Tommy's mom being there to take his sister to B.Y.U., and of course the B.Y.U. football game. Tommy's brother Jeff is on the team, and we just couldn't pass up seeing everyone-also because of it being a longer weekend due to labor day made our decision a little easier. The trip took 7 hours but the drive was really pretty. The leaves are starting to change on the trees. We were able to meet up with Tommy's mom for dinner when we arrived, but unfortunately Ashton was a little cranky and tired. Saturday morning we went to B.Y.U. to get some breakfast (Tommy stopped at the Bakery on campus that he used to eat at when he was a student), then we waited for the bookstore to open so we could load up on our B.Y.U. gear. It was fun buying things for Ashton, and when we were finished we were all decked out!! The game was incredibly hotttt, so Ashton and I decided we should leave to go find some shade, and frozen lemonade. That night we met up with family for dinner and enjoyed the company. On Sunday we drove to Wyoming to visit with my family and made the long trek back home on Monday afternoon. This weekend was a great "kick off" for the upcoming fall and football season. We had such a great time seeing family, friends, and showing Ashton the place that his mommy and daddy met :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Where did my baby go?

Ashton is now 6 and a half months old- where has the time gone?This is a picture of Ashton sound asleep in our bed early one morning. I love his arm resting under his little head.
Here he is sitting up like a "big boy". He loves to splash me by kicking his feet. And yes, that is a football rubber ducky that he is eying.
Ashton's latest trick is arching his back and trying to slide out of his car seat. If I don't buckle him right away, this is usually how I find him. He is such a smiley happy little boy. We love him to death!