Monday, August 13, 2007

Utah Family Reunion

Family Photo
Ashton in the car
Ashton and Grandpa Hunt
All of the babies
5 generations (Grandma Baxter, Me, Great Grandma Monson and Ashton, Mom)
Family photoTommy, Ashton and I just got back from Utah where we met up with everyone for a family reunion. We left Colorado on Thursday afternoon and drove to my families house in Wyoming. Friday afternoon we left for Lehi to spend some time with my Grandpa Hunt. It was fun to let him see how much Ashton has grown since his baby blessing. We then headed for Morgan and met everyone at my Grandparents house for a bbq. We also got a picture of all of the baby cousins lined up on the couch. As you can see there are a lot of them. The last 4 babies going from left to right are all exactly 3 weeks apart to the day. The baby on the end is baby Kalen and he is being substituted with a doll because they live in Thailand and weren't able to make it. After a big breakfast and lunch on Saturday, we went to a wedding where we were able to get a 5 generation picture. It was Ashton, Ashton's Grandma (my mom) Ashton's Great Grandma, and his Great Great Grandma-WOW! It's amazing that we were able to get this picture. I have wanted to do it since Ashton was born, and finally we have it. I will always cherish it. Finally Tommy and I had my sister snap some shots of our family while we were dressed up. It was a crazy but fun weekend.

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