Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

Memorial day this year was so much fun. My mom, Sharielle, Jameson, Alexa, Tommy, Ashton and I all went to our community pool. It's actually a very fun pool. There is a kid's area (you can see it behind us in some of the pictures) a large swimming pool, and a baby pool. Everyone had a great time getting wet and soaking up the sun. There was a live band playing and Chick-Fil-A
catered lunch. Ashton looked so cute with his swim trunks on. We were a little worried that they would be too big for him because they were a 6-12 month size, but they fit him just right. We are definitely looking forward to more pool days this summer!

I love to see the Temple

On Sunday after church, we decided to take a trip to the Denver Temple. It was such a beautiful day. My family came with us and we enjoyed walking around the grounds in the warm sunshine. We were able to get a wonderful picture of us and Ashton in front of the Temple, and the picture on the bottom is of me on the "Brides bench". Seeing the Temple made me realize how great it is that Tommy and I were sealed in the Temple, and that our family is forever.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears-oh my!

Today was such a beautiful day, and we were fortunate enough to take a fun trip to the zoo. My family was here from Wyoming, so we loaded up the cars and headed to see the animals. Ashton enjoyed riding around in his stroller, and would occasionally fuss and want to be taken out -but of course it was because he wanted in on all of the fun right?! Ashton looked so cute in his "safari" hat, and his new sandals that Grandma B. gave him on her last visit. What a fun day it was spending time together as a family. We enjoyed the wonderful weather, ate ice cream, and watched Alexa, Sharielle and Jameson ride the carousel. We call Ashton our "Buddy Bear", so it was fun to finally show him what a real bear was-ha ha!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Handsome at 3 months old!

Well, Ashton turned 3 months old this week and we can't believe it. He is such a great baby, and I think his shirt in these pictures says it all. We love him so much. Tommy can't wait to get home from work to hang out with him. They love watching e.s.p.n. together and all the games. Here are the top 10 things our little guy likes to do...
1. Smile at everyone, even strangers
2. Coos, and babbles
3. Kicks constantly-especially in the bath and loves to splash mommy!
4. Rolls over ( o.k., he's only done it twice.We know it's a fluke and he really doesn't know what he is doing, but it's still fun)
5. Follows objects, and looks to find who's talking to him
6. Loves chewing on his fingers
7. He can stand up when we are holding onto his hands
8. Holds his head up high during tummy time
9. Flirts with all the little girl babies in church
Yes, I did write sleep through the night. He only stirs a few times but after a quick binky save, he settles right down. Every day is a new adventure, and we can't wait to see what our "handsome" Ashton does next.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Go Suns!!

Ashton and I have been rooting for the Suns this year. These pictures are of us getting ready for tonights game, sporting our Phoenix t-shirts. Tommy bought us these shirts on one of his business trips, where did I mention he had great seats to a Suns game? Hopefully they can pull off another win-unfortunately without the help of Stoudemire and Diaw. GO SUNS!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My first Mother's Day!

Well, this year was my first official Mother's Day. It's still seems a little weird that I'm actually a mom, but it gets to be more and more real every day. It started out to be a relaxing morning. We don't have church until 12:30, so I enjoyed sleeping in.
A few weeks ago, I took Ashton to the Dr. because he had been congested-especially at night. After she assured me that he wasn't sick, and that it could be because of the weather changes, I was off to the store to buy a humidifier and some nose drops. After a few days of using them, Ashton seemed back to his old self...or so I thought. Sunday he woke up again pretty congested and frustrated by his little nose. I optimistically got both of us ready for church anyways, hoping that despite his nose, he would be o.k. to go. After a while he still wasn't content, and I decided that sitting out in the church hallway with a crying, congested baby probably wouldn't be fun. So we decided to stay home and after a long nap, Ashton woke up happier.
He and Tommy surprised me with a really cute card and my favorite peanut butter M&M's. My day ended with a yummy Japanese curry dinner, and a movie. Thank you Tommy and Ashton for such a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Funny face

Ashton spent the last few days hanging out with one of his Grandma's. We enjoyed having her here, and spending time together. In this picture, Ashton is showing one of his many faces. We had the camera out taking pictures of him with his new outfit that Grandma brought, and we caught this "face" just in time.