Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ashton is 11!

Ashton turned 11 last week and it was such a fun celebration:)
My sister came over during the day to help me execute the cake (she is the cake designer in our family) and it turned out perfect! 
Dallin, Shantel and the girls came over for homemade Cafe Rio (per Ashton's request), cake and presents. 
It was a fun night and we are so glad that we live so close to my family to be able to celebrate together (Jameson had a school event that night).

Ashton is such a bright kid. He is so smart and is always wanting to learn. He excels at school (especially in math and reading) and is always impressing us with his report cards.
I have to document that there are a lot of crushes happening-let me be more specific, Ashton is quite the ladies man at school. His teacher brought this to my attention in November at parent teacher conferences. Since then numerous parents and kids have told me that a lot of girls really like Ashton. He brought home bucket loads of valentines, but 3 big ones specifically from girls who asked Ashton to be their valentine. 
Ashton loves sport and has played soccer, flag football and basketball this year. He is looking forward to playing tackle football next year in Texas. 

We are so proud of Ashton and the person he is becoming! 
Happy Birthday Ash :)

Monday, February 19, 2018

And just like that, they are 6!!

This blog post is brought to you by bath bombs and bubbles. Bathtubs have always been a favorite of the twins, so how better to commemorate their 6th birthday than with a giant bubblebath (and new favorite, bathbombs.)!
I've been reminiscing this week about their birth. Both born healthy, happy and BIG! 
We hurried home with them from the hospital as quick as we could and began life with these new babies. 

Nixon {baby A} is a natural born athlete. Any sport he plays he excels at and is quick to pick up. He still loves trains, trains and more trains! His favorite color is red and his favorite food is pizza! 

Cooper {baby B} is tall and smart. His logical thinking and inquiry fascinates us constantly. He loves to snuggle and has the best cheeks for kissing! He loves Hotwheels cars, the color gold (and light blue), and you guessed it, pizza!

This stage of life with twins is so fun! Happily independent but quick to ask for help. They still love to sneak into our bed. They say "I love you more that all the numbers" numerous times a day and ask for eskimos kisses constantly. I will always oblige happily! 

Happy Birthday our Twinners. We love you to the moon and back! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Jr. Jazz (Clippers and Spurs)

I finally brought my camera to the boys' games. Both Ashton and Weston play on Wednesday evenings, so it's a lot of scheduling and driving. Thanks to my Sister who helps out when the boys play at the same time!
Shawn Bradley was at Ashton's game this week. His stepson played for the other team. 
The boys did great this week, definitely dominating on defense. They both had lot's of steals and Weston made 4 free throws! 
So happy they love basketball!